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Ubuntu - No More Tech Support, 07 May 2007
After years of removing viruses and pop ups and ad-ware from my kid's computers, I finally tried an experiment, which led to another experiment. Like most of us, I have old computers in storage. In my case, I have 3 or 4 just stacked up. Not even real old, mind you, but in the 700 Mhz - 1Ghz range...decent little boxes. So after reading about Ubuntu for months on LifeHacker, one of my favorite blogs, I decided to give it a shot. The new release was expected out any day, so I hooked up a box and built a boot disk.

All I can say is holly crap! 15 minutes later it was up and running, it found all device drivers necessary to operate including the wireless card. I called over my 13 year old, Melissa, and showed her. She said "cool".

I tinkered with it for a day or so to get comfortable and then decided to start building another super quiet box to use as a DVR with MythTV. Once I gave up the first box and set it up in the corner of the kitchen, it became public use to Linda and the kids. I didn't train any of them, I wanted to see who, if any, were curious enough to use it. All I told them was their login credentials.

Last night, as I'm cooking, I look over and Melissa is sitting there browsing with Firefox, IMing her friends with GAIM and working on homework with OpenOffice. No assistance from anyone. Linux at 13! Watch out Bill, the moon logo above is for you.

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