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Culture in The Can, 10 May 2007
I have a couple fun things I do on a regular basis. Things that make me feel good because I'm making others feel good or learn something new. I love sharing knowledge and good fortune.

The first is just silly. When I'm walking somewhere and realize I have a penny in my pocket, I'll drop it. I imagine making someone's day when they find their "lucky penny" and spend the rest of their day on a semi-high.

The second thing I do is not as silly. In a given day, I'll read a good 100-200 RSS posts per day in Google Reader. When I find something that I believe others would benefit by, I hit the Share button which will list it in the list to the left of this article, but when I find one that is exceptionally interesting, and typically more than one page, I'll print it as well. Why? Well I am a news "snacker". I read the headlines, the occasional text, and the rare full article. In the case of a long article that I deem readable, if I think it is also worth sharing, it gets my "mid-morning" print. I then take it to the restroom and read it while...well, you get the picture. The fun part of this practice is that when I'm done, I fold it and leave it on the rail for someone else to read. The articles are typically about the green lifestyle or maybe arts or culture, but I can imagine the few people during the day that wait until after 10-ish to go to the restroom to see if the phantom "article folder" has left them something interesting to read. Today's article: Banksy Was Hear from the New Yorker.

In my defense, because I'm expecting I'll need it:
  1. I realize I'm using up a piece of paper here. From an ecoist's point of view though, it is a recycled piece of paper and I do configure all my printers to print double sided as to not waste additional sheets, AND a good portion of the articles I leave are about living green so this little piece of paper may be saving thousands of pounds of carbon a year as a result of my readers learning a thing or two during their number two.
  2. I am using the handicapped stall, hence the rail. Well, for what it's worth, there are no handicapped folks in my building, and should there be a visitor that wheels his way to my stall, I would hope he enjoys my article.

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