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Big Mike's Still Got It, 04 May 2007
The past two years have been interesting as it pertains to poker. My decision to get a divorce resulted in my having to focus on a steady income and taking care of my kids, which is my highest priority. Let's face it, poker can provide a good income, but the variance that all poker players live through is not conducive to taking care of a family. I also found a wonderful woman, Linda, and her addition to my life has "balanced" it out completely. Funny thing is, it was time more than money that kept me from playing poker. I wanted to spend quality time with Linda and my kids, so the long hours, late nights and travel that goes along with tournament poker just couldn't coincide with this point in my life.

In the past two years, I've played less poker than I ever have. Do I miss it? Of course I do. I love the game. Intellectually, financially, and socially, poker is great. That said, it was time for some choices. Will I ever go back to playing regularly again? Possibly. Most likely, after the kids are grown up and about, I may fit it into my schedule again. Until then, I will treat it as an occasional past time. One that I love, and frankly, one that I am very good at.

As a beginning to my occasional past time, for the first time in over a year, I played three tournaments at Seabrook Dog Track recently. Two a few weeks ago, both final tables, only one cash though. Last night was the $30 rebuy they run at 8:00 PM. After losing most of my chips to a 3 outer AK on the river, and being down to one small blind when we were at two tables, I came back from the brink to chop first and second place for $1200 each. The Seabrook Poker Room is a fantastic poker room with sit-n-gos operating constantly and multi-table tourneys every day. My friends run the place, Tony Capone, Chris Dziadosz, Dan and Les. All great people. They run a solid room with over 70 TV monitors (always tuned to sports), full service food, bar and of course simulcast racing. Caution: Players are fishy and reckless. LOL

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