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4 Final Tables In A Row, 05 May 2007
Well, I'm batting 1000 as it pertains to visits. I've visited Seabrook 4 times in two months and made 4 final tables. Three cashes, two of which were chopped 1st and 2nd place. There were two other entries in the 4 visits that resulted in early exits, but thus far, I have $450 in entry fees, $2800 in cashes (after tips) for a nice 500% return.

Linda wasn't arriving from her business trip until midnight, and the kids were out, so tonight I played the $100 NL at 7:00, resulting in the second chopped 1st and 2nd mentioned above, and in two consecutive days, no doubt.

The most memorable hand was when the final table just started. I raised preflop in middle position with Ac Jc and button calls. The flop hits Jd 4c 8c. I lead off with a pot sized bet, which I'm sure was anticipated. I get a smooth call. The turn is the Tc. What would he expect me to do to do? If I had the flush, he would expect a check, or a value bet to string him along. If I had J or T, he would want me to keep firing. If I had a set, I'm most likely all-in right here, or even preflop, so he probably rules that out. I decide to make the pot sized bet again. He comes over the top with at least 2x the pot. I go into a small tank, then call. The river is a dream card, the Qc. This might have given him a one card flush, or a straight, or two pair, who knows. All I know is I still have the nuts and he might be strong. I have 8k left in chips. The pot's got to have about 16k or so. He's got a bit more than me. I make one of those "stab at the pot" bets of 4k. He thinks, declares, "We're probably both pot-committed," and I take a significant chip lead as he shows me Kc Jd.

I have to say, I like his parting play on words. "We're probably both pot-committed," is both an excuse for reading me as nut flush and having to call as well as a tease to get me to call if I'm weak. I'll give him that.

Well, kids in bed. Linda's safely back from her trip. I don't know when I'll be back. All the conditions have to be aligned. Linda has to have plans, the kids have to be occupied, and I have to be thinking about a game. Well, two out of those three have to be right. I'm always thinking about a game.

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