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My Daily Reads, 22 November 2005
A family member asked me last week, "Who do you write the blog for?" My answer was, "for anyone who wants to read it." That got me thinking. I wonder if the people I read know who reads their blogs? Not that they will see this post and see that I read their stuff, but maybe I can turn a couple of my readers onto some good stuff elsewhere. Yes, I read alot of poker stuff, but I also read some other interesting blogs on a regular basis. Here it is, along with some other stuff:

Top 3:
Matt Matros's, which I find to be as informative as his articles on Cardplayer.
Paul Philip's is nice because it occaisionally dabbles into Scrabble, which is my other challenge besides poker.
Jerrod Ankenman's because he always has an opinion and can put game theory into words better than most.
Poker: Pokerwire and Pokerpages for live updates of ongoing tournaments.
Scrabble: Internet Scrabble Club. Best place to play online. Real players.
Poetry: Mike Snider's Formal Blog and Sonnetarium is a great place to start because he links to so many other poetry sites.
Marketing: John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing. Just plain good stuff. Especially Don the Idea Guy.
Non-Blog: Arts & Letters Daily. Just plain intelligent reading.
News: Google News. Without a doubt. Customize the page. Easy to read. News Alerts.
Podcasts: NPR Podcasts. No better way to drive.

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Thanks for the mention, d'Amphoux!

Good blog, here.
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