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Turning Stone Part Deux, 13 October 2005
What a great place. Reminds me of the original old casion at Foxwoods. Small and comfy. The rooms are actually similar to the Pequot rooms. The tourneys are run flawlessly, and without computer registration (hard to believe). I bit the dust today in level 5 with a preflop raise from the cutoff holding 77. The big blind called. The flop hits 7 8 3 with two suits. He checks, not wanting to be outdrawn, I want to bet. Any reasonable bet puts 60% of my stack in the pot. I figured if I did that, I was committed with a set. However, if I push now and he doesn't call, I may be leaving money on the table. I decide to make a less-than-reasonable bet, hoping he will reraise me. He does. I call all-in. He shows 88. Can't read set over set. C'est La Vis.

The cash games are decent. I got my feet wet in the largest NL game they had, a $1-2 $100 max table. Nothing of significance there except my toying with a chubby loud local in a tight red shirt when I rivered him after he turned a weak gutshot. LOL.

After chowing in the buffet, with Adam and Aaron, I find $5-5 NL table opened up. I sit down with $500, and chubby loud guy is captain of the table. I start a winning session, he eventually tells me "I'm gonna clean you out boy." I walked away around 10pm with $1400. Since TS doesn't serve Alchohol, Buxx and I decided to go find a local market. It seems the casino has a policy to just ignore folks that bring their own as long as it is in a container. While we were out, I found a $9 hat in the Fishing section. It is follows the "got milk?" message that says "got fish?" -- I couldn't resist! I wore it the rest of the trip.

Sat down at the game again, its a $500 max buy-in. Lost a couple small hands, and then from the big blind I peak at AA. UTG raises to $15, two callers, and then $80 from chubby loud guy. He moved it in so fast and strong, I sensed mediocrity. I made it $200, he called immediately. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was this guy's ego, but before the dealer showed the flop I went all in blind for another $190. He calls immediately again (or so it seemed). He may have seen the flop, which had 2 ragedy diamonds. I toss over my AA, he holds his cards tight. I'm playing with a $1 chip to toke the dealer, when the river pops a third diamond. He then takes a good 4 seconds to slow roll me. I toss the last chip in the air, and he accuses me of "throwing" it at him. Damn, I can't wait to meet this guy again someday.

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