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, 17 February 2004
I had always had an interest in poker, back to the days of playing on weekends with high school friends to playing all day during college - LOL. Back in the early 90's, I had started playing a regular $1-2 home game in Richmond, and began taking more of an interest in the game, and started reading up on it to improve my game.

Then for several years, I was travelling all over the world for business. I stopped drinking in the mid 90's. Cold Turkey. As a result, when travelling the hotel bars were no longer healthy places to hang out. So I started finding the poker rooms wherever my trips took me. Most of the time was spent on the west coast, and luckily there are poker rooms all over CA and Las Vegas is just a short, and inexpensive, flight away.

I had spent a great deal of time working with software agents, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, nueral nets, game theory, you name it. It took time to improve my game, but I was always applying the technical knowledge I have to the poker theory I picked up. During those years I also relized I preferred tournaments more than money games, but still play both. Then my travel came to a standstill. I did a little online play, mostly the tournaments, and then I decided it was time for brick and mortar game again and despite the 90 minute ride, I started visiting Foxwoods on a regular basis. Focused on my online play. Eventually, some of my buddies on the west coast wanted me to send them emails about my poker experiences, so I opted to start this blog instead.

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